Installing a 2nd Fibre Broadband Service At Home

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It is indeed possible for a household to have 2 Fibre Broadband services concurrently. Singapore’s fibre network infrastructure is fully owned & operated by NetLink Trust (NLT). On every Fibre Termination Point (FTP) that NLT has installed in each home, there are 2 available ports which can support fibre connection to 2 Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


Why would anyone need 2 Fibre Broadband services at home?

  1. Dedicated Bandwidths

You may have multiple users on various devices accessing your home internet at one point in time. Different users consume different bandwidths. If users engage in activities such as video streaming and gaming, they would consume higher bandwidths and may put a strain on available bandwidth. With a 2nd Fibre Broadband service, users can assign one service to high bandwidth consuming activities and the other service to lower bandwidth activities such as web browsing. This way, access to the internet is available and speedy for everyone!

  1. Backup Plan

If the usage of internet in your household is somewhat evenly spread out, having a 2nd Fibre Broadband in your home may still come in handy. Access to the internet is of great importance today. An alternative internet service can be used as a backup if your first internet service is facing troubles and vice versa. Troubles can come from faulty equipment or backend issues with your ISP. Also, one ISP may have a lower latency route to certain geographical sites. With 2 ISPs at home, you can manually control which network to utilize to make the output as high as possible.

5 Steps to take for installing a 2nd Fibre Broadband service

  1. Contact your preferred ISP & sign up with your chosen service plan
  2. ISP will contact NLT to activate the 2nd port on your FTP – this takes about 4-8 weeks
  3. Arrange for service delivery of infrastructure such as modem & router after activation is complete
  4. Installation of infrastructure can either be done by yourself or provided by an ISP
  5. Your 2nd Fibre Broadband service setup is complete!

2 Things to consider when getting a 2nd Fibre Broadband service

  1. One or Two Home Phone Lines – Which ISP would you choose to carry your home phone services?
  2. Increased Power Consumption – Electrical consumption would indefinitely increase with 4 devices – 2 modems, 2 routers.

Getting a 2nd Fibre Broadband service at home is not a necessity for every household now but maybe useful in the near future!

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