3 Routers You Won’t Believe are Routers

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For the longest time, wireless routers have been associated with adjectives such as “unattractive”, “unsightly”, “bulky” and at its best, “functional”. Despite this, over 1 million Singaporean households are subscribed to a wireless broadband service.

Do we really not care for the appearance of these devices and have we all just accepted this as the default look of routers? Some of us try to blend the router into our home-scape by placing it in between books on a shelve. More commonly, camouflaging it amongst other devices with equivalent (lack of) aesthetics such as modems or media players. However, hiding your router can have a negative effect on the internet signal around your home. Thankfully, technological firms are starting to rethink & design elegant looking routers. Routers that blend beautifully in your home. Check out these alluring routers & their key features!

1. Eero


 – Parental controls are made easy with a mobile app which allows creating of family profiles, setting schedules and pausing the internet for bedtime or dinner

– Gives your guest easy internet access which can be done simply by sending a text!

– Security that is one step ahead by automatically updating software

Learn more about the Eero here!

2. Orbi


– Reliable wifi with seamless coverage all around your home

– Maximum internet speeds no matter how many connected devices with tri-band wifi

– Simple setup from your mobile device allows wifi to be setup in minutes

Learn more about the Orbi here!

3. Luma


– Fast wifi everywhere no matter how many walls or stories your home has

– Secures all connected devices by neutralising any threats automatically and keeps you in control of your network

– Allows you to set home wifi restrictions with categories such as content filters, time limits and bedtimes

Learn more about the Luma here!


These new age routers not only come with thoughtful designs, incorporating clean shapes and colours. They also address key concerns for home wifi such as speed, coverage, convenience and aesthetics. All that being said, a possible downside to these mesh systems would be the cost. A whole system can typically set you back at least a few hundreds of dollars. Attractive as they are, we would like to think that buying a pretty router is still not a necessity but just the icing on a cake!

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