3 Types of People Who Will Benefit from a 2Gbps Fibre Connection

Incredible speeds don’t come cheap. Or so they say. If you are fortunate enough to be living in Singapore, you are not only enjoying one of the fastest Fibre Broadband speeds in the world but also the cheapest rates (by rate, we mean the cost charged per gigabyte).

Comcast, an American telecommunications company charges $149.99 USD/month (approx $200 SGD/month) for a 2Gbps Fibre connection. In Australia, the highest speed they’ve got is 1Gbps Fibre connection going at $129.99 AUD/month ($139 SGD/month).

You may be asking – what can I do with a 2Gbps Fibre connection? To put things into perspective, a 2Gbps speed would be fast enough for you to download an entire 1080p movie in 24 seconds. You can even download a 45GB video game in just 3 minutes*. (*Achieved on a 2Gbps Multi-Network Plan.)

Here are 3 types of people who will benefit from a 2Gbps Fibre connection at home.


  1. SoHo Dwellers with “Split Personalities”


If you’re running a home office, you’ve got everything under one roof. However, you might want to separate your office network from your personal network. A 2Gbps Fibre connection would allow for two separate networks. You can complete your daily work activities without worrying about them interfering with any personal online activities and vice versa.


  1. Families with Multiple Devices


Is this a typical situation at your dinner table? According to Statista, as at 2016, the average device per Singaporean was three. This number will only increase as technology advances. With a 2Gbps Fibre connection at home, you no longer have to worry about the number of connected devices each family member has. There is sufficient bandwidth for everyone.


  1. Gamers with a Need for Speed


The real enemy in Multiplayer Online games is not the one you are in direct battle with, but the one that creeps around your network performance – latency. Latency is the time interval between an action a player makes and the response it is. It’s astonishing but completing an action with a tiny window and experiencing latency of more than 100 millisecond can greatly affect a player’s game experience. With a 2Gbps Fibre connection, gamers can have a separate dedicated network from their families. A network dedicated to gaming would mean that everyone else in the household (except the gamer) connects to the other separate network. This helps to prevent saturation and thus achieve lower latency levels, making you that split second faster to accomplish the mission!


Having a 2Gbps Fibre connection will result in better connectivity for all, and why hesitate to take advantage of one of the world’s most affordable Fibre Broadband network? Check out ViewQwest’s 2Gbps Fibre plans here. Drop us a message on Facebook or give us a ring at (+65) 3102 000, if you’ve got any questions regarding the setup or our current promotions.

7 Responses

  1. Hi, I actually have the 2gbps plan right now. But you should also make aware to the users that it’s actually 2x 1gbps (as told by one of your CSO) so that they can make an informed decision.

  2. ViewQwest Team

    Hey JS, thanks for writing in! Yes we have 2 types of 2Gbps plans – Single Network (which is yours) as well as a Multi-Network 2Gbps to 1PC plan 🙂

  3. My house is at jurong west.
    How much I hv to pay per mth?
    Any contract attached?
    Need to pay upfront, modem and router?
    Installation charge?

  4. ViewQwest Team

    Hey Albert,

    Our 2Gbps plans start from $59.90/month and is on a 2 year contract. You will have to select a router but a modem will be provided free of charge. Installation will also be provided free of charge. Drop us a message on Facebook if you have more enquiries!

  5. Sam Gilmour

    I am currently using 2 Gbps to 1 PC option which ViewQwest offered back in 2016. However, I was told that this option is no longer available. Is this correct?

  6. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Sam, yes we are no longer offering this product.

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