How to: Run a Traceroute

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What is a Traceroute Every-time you access the internet and go to your favourite website, your computer/device sends things called “data packets” across the internet to the server hosting the site & then it, in turn, sends some back to … Continued

How to: Run a ping test

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What is a Ping Test A ping test is used to check if a computer is connected to a network and also determines the latency or delay between two servers. You can run a ping test: – To troubleshoot connectivity … Continued

How to: Flush DNS Settings

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Have you ever faced this issue where you can’t access certain websites on a particular device but when you switch to another device, it seems to work fine? Issues like these happen because the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings on that particular … Continued

ViewQwest 2Gbps fibre broadband

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Ever faced a scenario where everyone at home is fighting for bandwidth? In this video, find out about the benefits of Singapore’s only true 2Gbps fibre broadband plan and what makes us Singapore’s Fastest Fibre Broadband Family! If you are interested to … Continued

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