Can AI really pave the way for us in the future?

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If you are not already aware, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It has long become part of our everyday lives and looks set to have an even greater impact in the near future. There are even other applications of AI such as machine learning and deep learning which has paved the way for many of the opportunities which we are now presented with. For example, in 1997, the world chess champion Garry Kasparov was defeated by an AI under tournament conditions. This proves to us just how advanced an AI can potentially be. Here are just some of the ways in which an AI can actually better our lives and working environment.

Improvement in our daily lives

AI has brought so much ease to our daily lives and become such a common phenomenon that often we do not even realise its presence. An obvious example of this would be the automated Global Positioning System (GPS) system which we have in cars. These have proven to be extremely useful in helping us find our way around unfamiliar estates and neighbourhoods.  Recent advancements have even equipped programmes such as Siri with speech recognition, allowing them to detect our voices and execute technological commands accordingly.

Enhance workplace safety levels


Robots enhanced by machine learning can be programmed to conduct security patrols and surveillance checks autonomously. These security robots such as the ones developed by Knightscope can even be deployed in more dangerous terrains for military reconnaissance purposes. This helps to greatly reduce the number of human casualties associated with such dangerous missions. In addition, these robots are even able to perform humanly impossible tasks such as exploring the ocean floor and conducting mining operations.

Perform repetitive tasks

Another salient benefit which an AI brings would be its ability to perform monotonous tasks with flawless accuracy. Human errors resulting from the performance of repetitive tasks can be completely eliminated. This also helps to free up manpower which can instead be used to perform more complicated tasks, increasing our work efficiency. Digital assistants also have been created through deep learning. An inherent benefit of such an assistant would be their lack of emotions which allows them to “think” rationally and make the right programme decisions.

The technological prowess of AI has improved by leaps and bounds over the years providing us with endless possibilities. Rather than resent them for taking away our jobs, we should instead embrace the benefits which it can bring to us. We could use this as an opportunity to upgrade our skills and take on more cognitively challenging tasks.

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