Explanation: Speed Test Results

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In this guide, we look at different component of a Speed Test result done via Speedtest.net If you are looking at how to improve your speed test results, check out How To: get better speed test results Download Speed The … Continued

How to: Run a Traceroute

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What is a Traceroute Every-time you access the internet and go to your favourite website, your computer/device sends things called “data packets” across the internet to the server hosting the site & then it, in turn, sends some back to … Continued

How to: Run a ping test

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What is a Ping Test A ping test is used to check if a computer is connected to a network and also determines the latency or delay between two servers. You can run a ping test: – To troubleshoot connectivity … Continued

How to: Flush DNS Settings

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Have you ever faced this issue where you can’t access certain websites on a particular device but when you switch to another device, it seems to work fine? Issues like these happen because the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings on that particular … Continued

What is: NLT Insufficient Capacity

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Have you experienced an issue known as Insufficient Capacity? This issue can arise when you sign up with a new Internet Service Provider (ISP). Soon after signing up, you are informed by your ISP that your port has Insufficient Capacity and there … Continued

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