Favourite: Run Command Shortcuts

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For those of you using Windows devices, instead of navigating the start menu to the particular application, there’s a much faster way to open up your application which is through the run command. Here are some of our favourites!

Shortcut for run command

First up, open up the run command by pressing “Windows Button” + “R”


To quickly bring out the calculator, type “calc”

Control Panel

To quickly get to control panel type “control”

Log out of Windows

This comes in handy when you knock off work! Type “logoff”

Shut Down

To quickly shut down your PC, type “shutdown”

Open up Microsoft Office applications

On Run command type
“excel” for Microsoft Excel
“powerpnt” for Microsoft PowerPoint
“winword” for Microsoft Word

Taking a screenshot using the snipping tool

If you like to use Windows snipping tool, bring it up by typing “snippingtool”

To take a quick note

To take a quick note with notepad, type “notepad”

To do an Audio Recording

Type “soundrecorder”

To open up Network Connection

Type “ncpa.cpl”

Command Prompt

This command is every network engineer’s favourite!  Type “cmd” to bring up command prompt

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