Freedom DNS vs Traditional VPN

Catching that blockbuster or latest TV series in the comfort of your own home? Perry is here to help maximise your enjoyment! Learn how to fully utilise Freedom DNS and the what, when, how and why on entertainment. 

What is VPN

Before we talk about Freedom DNS, lets talk about a similar technology called VPN or Virtual Private Network
A VPN is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks. Another well-known functionality of the VPN is that it helps to unblock access to geo-restricted content.

Geo-restricted content refers to websites and services that are only available in certain regions. For example, Hulu – a well-known video streaming service, is only available in the United States and Japan and is not accessible to the rest of the world.

To access sites like Hulu, you’ll have to first subscribe to a VPN service and then manually configure your device to access the site.  And imagine having to constantly log-in and authenticate every time you want to access the site.  Then, if you want to access another site like PPTV from China, you’ll have to manually configure the VPN service again to switch regions. This is because traditional VPNs only allow you to connect to one server in a particular location at any one time.

From the above, you’ll see that you have to go through so much trouble just to access a couple of geo-restricted sites.

What is Freedom DNS?

In contrast to traditional VPN as discussed above, Freedom DNS is a service that is integrated within ViewQwest’s network and it allows you to access hundreds and thousands of movies, dramas and sports titles from popular streaming sites that were previously geo-blocked. You can check out the below video for a better explanation!

At Viewqwest, we seek to bring the best broadband plans in Singapore to you. All of our plans also provide you with a minimum complimentary 3 months Freedom DNS.

What can Freedom DNS do?

With Freedom DNS, be prepared to be amazed with new-found access to geo-restricted content you never could access with other ISPs!

Access Geo-restricted sites with any connected device

As Freedom DNS is configured at the backend of the ViewQwest network, the service is automatically enabled without you having to do anything at all. This covers ANY internet capable devices that are connected to your ViewQwest network, be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop, they will all be Freedom DNS-enabled and able to access geo-restricted websites!

Catch shows before they air locally (and legally)

We all know how SLOW Free-to-air TV takes to air a new TV series, other faster alternatives are Paid/Cable TV (you know how expensive it cost) or illegally downloading the series on P2P platforms (not really advisable).

With Freedom DNS, things have changed! You can now easily access CW, ABC and many other apps/sites to access you favourite TV series after they officially air in the US.

The gateway to entertainment of different genres

Besides catching the latest TV shows, Freedom DNS also gives you access to tons and tons of apps/sites of different genres. Be it movies, live sports, game shows, etc, you name it, we have it! You can check out the list of supported channels at our product page!

Freedom VPN

What Freedom DNS can’t do

As awesome as Freedom DNS is, do note that it is specifically developed for streaming purposes. So depending on your purpose, there might be some limitations, which are detailed below.

Bypassing geographical restrictions on other kinds of website

As Freedom DNS being site specific and focused on streaming sites, not all geo-restricted sites are accessible via Freedom DNS. However to meet consumer’s needs, ViewQwest constantly updates the list of sites based on demand.

Secured access to specific networks

If you work in an MNC, chances are you’ll need a VPN to access your company’s network securely when you are working from home. For that, you can’t use our Freedom DNS as our service is meant for entertainment purposes 🙂

We hope with this you’ll be able to have a better understanding of how our Freedom DNS works, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook or call our hotline for further clarification!

14 Responses

  1. Hi, can I confirm that if I want to work from home, I cant use Viewquest broadband?

  2. ViewQwest Team

    Hi, Mr Wong, of cos you can work from home with ViewQwest broadband 🙂

    To clarify, what the article meant was, because some companies require their staff to use specific VPN software to securely access company servers when they are working from home. What the article is trying to say is our Freedom DNS does now work the same as that VPN software.

  3. Melvin Lim

    I already have a broadband service over Fiber. Can I still use the freedom dns service or do I have to change SPs?

  4. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Melvin, our FreedomDNS service is only available for ViewQwest Fibre customers currently. Drop me a message on FB if you want to know more about our current promotions 😉

  5. After reading the article I still have no idea what FreedomDNS is. For network engineers, the term DNS is a completely different component from VPN, and geoblocking depends on spoofing the IP address of clients, not address of server. Please write a technically non-retarded explanation of the subject, instead of saying it “automatically” happens.

  6. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Kaceong,

    Thank you for providing this feedback. We will either relook this article write a new one for more tech-savy people like yourself. The article as above was meant for the layman.


  7. How can I request for a American radio streaming website to be unblocked?

  8. ViewQwest Team

    Hey Kevin! Thanks for contacting us. We would have to garner a sizeable base in order for our team to do the unblocking:)

  9. I just had Viewqwest installed. Is the Freedom DNS automatic? I have been using Netflix in Singapore as well as ITUNES. How do I switch them to the US sites? Thanks.

  10. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Tommy,

    Yes FreedomDNS is configured into your Fibre network at home automatically. Please drop us a message on Facebook or at indicating that you want to switch your Netflix routing to US instead of SG. Our customer service officers will help to proceed with this. Thanks!

  11. Hi, i have already subcribed to Freedom DNS with Viewqwest. However, im still not able to watch any stream drama or movies. When ever i tried strewming, it keep popping up i need to download flash player. Problems is , Samsung smart Tv does not support Adobe flash. So im stuck. Can anyone advise me what i can do to watch the freedom DNS ?

  12. Bernard Lim

    Freedom DNS gives more problems than it solves despite its seamless integration with ViewQwest Internet (which is another horror story for another day). You are better off with VPN. Why? Because Freedom DNS restricts legitimate websites in favor of these “streaming” sites. The speed and quality to these “streaming” sites are also nothing to scream about.

    I’m a new customer of ViewQwest and I’m already having regrets.

    p.s. I doubt ViewQwest is even monitoring their blog.

  13. ViewQwest Team

    Hey Bernard, do drop us a PM on Facebook with your NRIC details and we can look into your case.

  14. ViewQwest Team

    Hey Melvin,

    For a full list of sites & channels accessible with FreedomDNS please refer here:

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