How can Freedom DNS benefit you?

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Imagine having unlimited and unrestricted streaming of all your favourite movies and television series. How awesome would that be? Freedom DNS allows you to do just that by rerouting your internet connection to streaming sites and getting around websites which are geo-restricted. With this feature, it allows you to stream videos as though you are connecting from the designated country.

How do you enable Freedom DNS?

Freedom DNS would be automatically configured for you and the service enabled from the backend of ViewQwest’s network. This includes all of your devices which are capable of accessing the internet. And voilà ! Now all of them would subsequently be able to access geo-restricted content.

Enjoy the different forms of entertainment before everyone else

You may be all too familiar with the frustration encountered when you come across this error message while trying to access your favourite content online.

As you are most probably aware, it takes a very long time for a newly released movie or television to start airing on our regular Free-to-air TV and some of us may not have the patience to wait. There have always been other alternatives such as torrenting (which is illegal) or paying for Cable TV but this can prove to be costly especially in the long run. With Freedom DNS, you can now easily access geo-restricted sites such as HBO GO and HBO NOW without any worry.

In addition, Freedom DNS provides you with access to numerous applications and websites as well as live sports and game shows. Here is the list of supported channels at our product page!

If you still have any queries on how Freedom DNS may benefit you, feel free to contact our Customer Service at +(65) 3102 0000 or drop us an email at


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