How does bandwidth throttling affect you

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To many of us, it is important to have a high speed and reliable internet in order to go about our daily lives. We are all too familiar with the frustration that ensues whenever we experience lags while in the midst of working, streaming movies and TV shows or even gaming. However, even with a good Internet Service Provider (ISP) and router, you may still experience such lags periodically. This could be due to bandwidth throttling.

What is bandwidth throttling?

Bandwidth throttling happens when your ISP intentionally limits your bandwidth, resulting in the slowing down of your Internet service. It is done in an attempt to help regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion during periods of high internet traffic. This would mean that your router provides a lower bandwidth output than it is supposed to normally provide. As a result, this can make streaming videos or gaming a torturous process for you.

How do you know that your bandwidth is being throttled?


One of the most effective ways to determine if your bandwidth is being throttled is by conducting an Internet speed test periodically. Ookla’s is a bandwidth meter website which allows you to do so for free. The site has a “Results History” section which reflects how your internet speed varies over time as well as latency and downloads speeds.

How can you solve this?

One way to bypass this problem would be by utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN). By using a VPN, it encrypts all your internet activities and keeps your internet data usage hidden from your ISP and government agencies. This allows you to enjoy surfing without being affected by international sites throttling. However, due to the way that VPNs are setup, you might get lowered speeds as your bandwidth still has to go through multiple additional networks before reaching you.

However, there actually is a much simpler solution to this problem which does not require the setting up of a VPN which can get pretty complicated. In Singapore, there are several ISPs which throttle your bandwidth when the internet traffic gets heavy. Instead, you can opt to either switch to/sign up for an ISP such as Viewqwest which does not throttle your bandwidth.

If having a fast and smooth internet connection is of importance to you, you should definitely opt for a simpler long-term solution and select an ISP which does not engage in bandwidth throttling.

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