How does the NETGEAR Orbi RBK20 Router face up against other routers?

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If you have not already heard, NETGEAR has recently released the NETGEAR RBK20 Orbi Wi-Fi system which is a much smaller version than its older counterparts, the RBK 40 and RBK 50 Orbi. Faced with space constraints at home? Despite being more compact than the previous versions, there is hardly any compromise in terms of its functionality.


You can save a whooping $170 if you opt for this newer version of the RBK20 router. At ViewQwest, we are offering the NETGEAR RBK20 router for $429, a huge dip in price when compared to the NETGEAR RBK40 router which is currently retailing at $599. However, despite the reduction in price, the functions of the RBK20 router are hardly compromised. It should still be able to easily blanket your home in WiFi signal. It boasts the ability to cover 275 sqm of floor area which is a size that is still much larger than most apartments.




Similar to the older versions, the NETGEAR RBK20 router is equipped to be able to be compatible with the newest MU-MIMO technology. Several other routers in the current market are still not compatible with this technology. MU-MIMO allows the RBK20 to send out two simultaneous of data to your electronic devices. This means that the consumption of data by one device does not affect the data streaming of the other device. Despite its small size, you do not have to worry about it not being able to cater to your internet needs at home.  it is still able to achieve download speeds of up to 866 Mbps which is comparable to many other larger routers. You can still easily browse the internet or stream movies from the comfort of your home without worrying about lags.



The setup of the NETGEAR RBK20 is simple as well. There are two similar Orbi nodes wrapped in big removable collars that are prominently labelled “ROUTER” and “SATELLITE”, which clearly indicate where the cables have to be plugged in, preventing you from making configuration errors. In addition, there is an Orbi application that allows you to scan its QR code at the base of the router and provides clear instructions on how to set up your router as well as optimise your Wi-Fi connection.

If you are looking for a smaller yet reliable alternative for a new router, the NETGEAR RBK20 Orbi is definitely your best bet! An additional feature that it can offer you is its link to Amazon’s Alexa. As long as you have a NETGEAR account set up, you will be able to link Alexa to your router. This allows you to enable your guest network or reboot your router with your voice alone. It is also a full router, which means that the entire Home Wi-Fi works with your entire home.

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