How to be more productive at your workplace

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All too often, we find ourselves faced with the situation where we are swamped with work. This inevitably results in us having to spend longer hours at work. We are each limited to only so many hours in a day, hence it is critical that we learn how to make the most out of our working hours. Being more productive at work is something that we all wish to achieve but not many of us are able to accomplish it with high levels of success. Here are 4 simple but effective methods which can help increase productivity at your workplace.

Set deadlines for your tasks and track time spent on them

With each task that you have to completed, set a reasonable deadline for it and stick to it.  Having a manageable level of self-imposed stress can actually help us to focus better and increase work efficiency. In addition, it is also crucial to track and limit the time which we spend on tasks. This aids in ensuring that we do not spend too much time on tasks of lesser importance. Consequently, this helps to free up more time for us to spend on more crucial tasks.

Minimise interruptions at work

It is common for us to have colleagues drop by our desk for a short chat or a gossip session. This may seem rather harmless but this distraction can actually cause us to lose our train of thoughts. Additional time may be wasted having to re-gather our thoughts, producing a change in work pattern and lead to a drop in productivity. Another source of interruption would undeniably be the notifications which we receive at the workplace. This includes text messages on our mobile devices, emails and incoming phone calls. At times, it can be incredibly hard for us to resist the allure of attending to these devices. Especially when working on an important task, it is crucial for us to minimise any distractions and ensure the quality of work is not compromised. By turning off these notifications when working on a particular task, it would definitely boost your work productivity.

Follow the two-minute rule

Implementing the two-minute rule can also go a long way in helping boost your workplace productivity. This rule essentially dictates that we are to start working on a task immediately when it can be done in two minutes or less. This is due to the fact that completing the task immediately actually takes up less time as compared to having to get back to the task later on.

Utilise productivity applications


There are numerous productivity applications available which can help us better manage our hectic work schedules as well as increase our productivity. One such application is Evernote. It provides you with a very convenient and engaging way to organize your work and present ideas in a systematic manner across your different devices with its cross-platform note taking service. Also, it allows you to upload images, audio files and videos to enhance the effectiveness of your note taking. The comprehensive formatting and organization feature also facilitates your note-taking process.


Being more productive at work is actually not as hard as it may seem but it does require deliberate effort to put in place certain steps to better manage your time. Would you rather spend longer hours at work or implement these few steps to help you work smarter and spend more time doing things you enjoy?

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