How To: Play Pokémon GO more effectively – Part 1

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As a follow up to our article on preparing yourself for Pokémon GO, here is part 1 on how to play Pokémon GO more effectively.

New reasons to take the bus

If you don’t usually take the bus to work, Pokémon GO could provide new reasons for you to do so.

Quickly get mileage for hatching your eggs
Clocking up 10km will take a rather long time if you’re walking, but riding the bus can help you finish that much faster! The Pokemon Go app will not record distance if you’re going over 15mph. A bus at full speed will break this limit for sure – but with just a bit of traffic it should work (and even without traffic the app will record distance when the bus slows down for stops).

Take the chance to stock up on your item inventory
If you run out of Poké Balls, one option is to buy it from the item store, but that can quickly get expensive! A cheaper alternative is to collect them from Poké Stops and what better way to do it then during bus rides!

This is the one time when you pass by multiple Poké Stops in a very short span of time at a good speed; just make sure you tap and spin fast. Depending on how many Poké Stops you go pass during the bus ride, you should be able to easily collect at least 40 Poké Balls and many other items during a 15 min bus ride.

Clear up your inventory

By default there’s a limit of only 350 items you can keep in your items inventory, so it’s best to prioritise which items are more important at the moment. If you are at the stage where you are still concentrating on catching Pokémons, you can remove the heal potions and focus on the Poke Ball/Razz Berry and vice-versa if you are preparing for battles.

Flood the Professor with the Small Fries.

If you did not opt to upgrade your Pokémon Storage, you can only keep 250 Pokémon. So just keep the best of each type in your inventory and transfer the rest away. However instead of just keeping the ones with highest CP, use this IV Checker to check which Pokémon has the best potential. For a more detailed explanation on how to use the IV checker, check out this article.

One notable exception to this though is with easy-to-evolve Pokemon like Pidgey’s (see the next section for details).

Play Pokémon GO more effectively
Keep only the best Pokémons in your Inventory

The Pidgey Evolution Trick

Getting annoyed at all those Pidgeys popping up? Don’t ignore them!! A simple and easy trick to level up quickly is to use lucky eggs and evolutions to get a ton of XP really quickly. Here’s the basic rundown.

  1. Lucky Eggs give you double XP for 30mins. Each evolution gives you 500XP – so with a lucky egg that’s an instant 1000XP (more if you’re evolving your pokemon to a type that you don’t have in your pokedex).
  2. Pidgeys (as well as Caterpies and Weedles) only cost 12 candies to evolve. So with only 120 pidgey candy you can do 10 evolutions back-to-back!
  3. Keep collecting Pidgeys till you get a whole bunch of candy (you can still transfer some if you’re running out of space – but make sure you have enough pidgeys left to evolve once you’ve reach your desired candy level. Remember you need 1 pidgey for every 12 candy.
  4. Activate your lucky egg and start evolving!
  5. To make the most out of your lucky egg, you can also save it up for when you’ve got even more pokemons that can be evolved – and especially when you’re in a good area with lots of pokestops & lures activated.

Go to places with non-stop lures

To play Pokémon GO more effectively, do find out where the Pokémon hotspots are so you can catch as many as possible during your hunt! Visit places that are putting up non-stop lures, such as Suntec City where our retail shop is located! For a list of Pokémon GO hotspots, see this article by Vulcan Post, also check out this map by Grab

Play in Groups

Pokémon GO is ultimately a game and it’s meant to be fun! The best way to maximise your fun, is to play with your best buddies, if they are not into the game, get them hooked to it! Take turn to use your lures so you can all catch more Pokémons. There’s also been a lot of rumours swirling saying that Pokémons spawn more often when there are more people playing in the area – so group up and catch em’ all!

Play Pokémon GO more effectively
Have fun by taking some interesting shots!

We hope the above tips will help you play Pokémon Go more effectively, and if you have any other tips you would like to share, feel free to comment below and we might just feature it in part 2 of our Pokémon GO article.

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