How will the new 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard impact us all

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With the ever increasing demands from consumers nowadays, even the most recent 802.11 Wave 2 AC Wi-Fi standard would soon prove to be obsolete. This new Wi-Fi standard promises to be able to deliver an average throughput of up to four times higher than that of the most recent version. Get ready to rejoice as this would mean that you can connect up to 30 devices without having to compromise on your internet speed. Here are several important and interesting facts which you would need to know about this new version.

How does it work?

This new Wi-Fi system is equipped with a more advanced form of QAM modulation which allows for more data to be transmitted per packet. This results in an increase in data throughput of nearly 40 per cent. It is also able to achieve more efficient spectrum utilization. For example, it is able to create broader channels and split those channels into narrower sub-channels. This increases the total number of available channels, making it easier for endpoints to find a clear path to the access point.

Huge increases in your bandwidth

The 802.11ax is able to deliver four simultaneous streams of data to a single endpoint with an accumulated total theoretical bandwidth of 14Gbps, a huge increase from the current Wi-Fi standards. In addition, the 802.11ax is able to deliver a single stream of data of up to 3.5Gbps and operates on the new multiplexing technology similar to that of the LTE cellular devices.

No of subchannels

Another added unique feature of the 802.11ax is its ability to break a Wi-Fi channel up into a couple of thousands of tightly spaced “subcarriers” or sub channels. It boasts a technology called Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. With this technology, each of these sub channels is able to carry various combined payloads of data for different devices. Any interference or noise from one sub channel can be isolated from the rest, reducing the need to re-transmit or slow down the entire conversation to a lower data rate that can be clearly received.

If these facts still fail to amaze you, this one is bound to be able to do so. Unlike the older Wi-Fi versions, this new version is even able to interact with your connected mobile devices. The Wi-Fi radios connected to these devices can be put to sleep to help conserve power and then woken up again. With this, you can expect to see a significant increase in the battery life of our mobile devices. Brace yourself for a new form of Wi-Fi that looks set to revolutionise they way we  go about our lives. At ViewQwest, we aim to always provide you with the best-in-class equipment available. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest routers to power your Wi-Fi at home.

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