What Really Matters in a Mesh Wi-Fi Setup?

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We have all been in the situation where we enter a certain area of our house or a building and the Wi-Fi connection on our mobile device gets cut off. There actually is a pretty simple solution to this problem – Mesh Wi-Fi setups. It is made up of two or more router-like devices that work together to blanket an entire area in Wi-Fi. One of the nodes would be connected to your existing router or modem and will broadcast Wi-Fi like an ordinary router. Coverage can be expanded simply by adding more nodes to the network and the signal is transmitted through these nodes to your electronic device. Here are the several important things you have to look out for when choosing a Mesh Wi-Fi setup that is suitable for you.


This refers to the ability of your Mesh Wi-Fi setup to send streams of data over to several devices at the same time across a fixed distance. Certain Mesh Wi-Fi setups such as the Netgear Orbi are equipped with the latest MU-MIMO technology which allows it to send two simultaneous streams of data to devices at the same time. This means that the usage of data by one device would not affect the data stream of the other device.

Range and Penetration Ability

Another important component to look out for in Mesh Wi-Fi setups is its ability to deliver a strong throughput at great distances. This ensures that you are able to enjoy undisrupted Wi-Fi signals even when you are located further away from the router. The performance of certain Mesh Wi-Fi setups may drop faster than others with distance and the signal may not be able to pass through thicker walls.

Ease of Setup and Warranty

The difficulties associated with setting up a Mesh Wi-Fi can vary widely across the different types. It can also be extremely helpful if the brand has a comprehensive manual or website which provides you with a step by step guide to set it up. In addition, some companies may provide a support system with technicians on standby to address any queries which you might have. The Netgear Orbi has one of the easiest set up. Its devices come pre-paired and installation does not require a mobile application or knowledge of IP addresses.

Dual Band/ Tri-Band Wi-Fi

In a dual-band Wi-Fi device, there are two radios, one on 2.4 GHz and the other 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz is designed to support devices running older Wi-Fi protocols and the 5 GHz one which runs at three times the speed of the 2.4 GHz one. A unique feature of the Netgear Orbi is its Tri-Band Wi-Fi system compared to the Dual Band Wi-Fi of other Mesh Wi-Fi systems. In this Tri-Band system, there is a third radio which is utilised for backhaul communication between the Orbi router and the satellite. This means that there is a virtual wire which is dedicated solely for data flow between the router and satellite. On the other hand, in a Dual-Band system, the same Wi-Fi bandwidth is used to connect to your devices as well as to access points. This allows for more devices to be connected to the router in a Tri-Band system, increasing efficiency by up to 50% as compared to the dual-band Wi-Fi systems.


When selecting a Mesh Wi-Fi system, these are important features that you should consider. If you wish to purchase a comprehensive Mesh Wi-Fi system, you might also want to consider one that includes basic features such as Guest Network, Parental Controls, QOS and Port Forwarding. Certain Wi-Fi Mesh systems such as the AirTies Wi-Fi lack these basic features. Amongst the several different Mesh Wi-Fi systems available, the Netgear Orbi is one of the few that has received several good reviews so far. It has also proven to be able to deliver a higher throughput at the same distance than most other Mesh Wi-Fi systems such as the Google Wifi and the AirTies Wi-Fi Mesh.  Last but not least, the Netgear Orbi has four Ethernet cables compared to most other Mesh Wi-Fi systems such as the AirTies Wi-Fi mesh which have two ports. This allows for more devices to be hard-wired directly to the router. If you are considering installing a Mesh Wi-Fi in your house, the Netgear Orbi is bound to be able to satisfy your needs.

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    I am an existing customer of Viewquest and wish to upgrade my router to the Netgear mesh. What are my options and how much will it cost?

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    Hey Julian, thanks for getting in touch with us. You can purchase the Mesh system via our e-store 🙂

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