What is Mesh-Networking & Do I Need It?

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What is Mesh-Networking?


Mesh-networking is not a newly invented technology. The only change in mesh-networking technology would be the launch of consumer-friendly Wi-Fi kits. You can check out some of the top Wi-Fi mesh kits here. These products, set at affordable prices have encouraged many home owners to set up a Wi-Fi mesh-network. Besides their pleasing aesthetics and general affordability, Wi-Fi mesh-network equipment also help to fix one of the most common Wi-Fi problems: dead zones.

Dead zones are certain spots in your home where no Wi-Fi signal can be received. Dead zones can be anywhere in your home. It could be a singular room, a certain spot in your kitchen, your toilet or maybe even a combination of the above!

How do Wi-Fi Mesh-Networks Work?


When you make the purchase of a Wi-Fi mesh-networking kit, it contains several access points. These access points are also known as nodes. Dead zones are common in 3 or 4 room HDB flats. This is because their Wi-Fi routers usually have limited radius coverage as they use a single access point. With a Wi-Fi mesh-network, these nodes act as multiple access points, have a larger coverage and therefore eliminate dead zones. Only a singular node needs to be physically connected to the modem. Other nodes transfer data and communicate with one another at supposed equal speeds. Every additional node placed expands your home Wi-Fi coverage.

Should I Invest in a Mesh-Network?


No doubt capable, not everyone needs to invest in a Wi-Fi mesh-network. It is most suitable for bigger houses between 2000-4500 square feet. The Wi-Fi mesh-network would be able to supply a larger radius with Wi-Fi signal by using multiple strategically placed nodes. For smaller homes, a Wi-Fi mesh-network is not necessary. Wi-Fi repeaters can help to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal at a much cheaper cost. However, the setting up of a Wi-Fi repeater is not as easy and convenient as the Wi-Fi mesh-network.

So, should I or should I not get one of these kits? If you don’t want to go through the trouble of trial and error with the placement of the Wi-Fi repeater and you’ve got extra cash, Wi-Fi mesh-networking kits would be the choice.

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