Plug: The One Item You’ll Bring to a Deserted Island

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If you even been asked what you’ll like to bring to a deserted island, chances are you might have thought of bringing your smartphone, tablet or even your laptop. But the question is, how long can these devices last without a power source? We chanced upon this very cool Indiegogo project that might just be the solution. Meet Plug, probably one of the best battery packs money can buy!

Battery Capacity

First up, it boasts a massive 48,000mAh! Putting it into perspective, it can power up your:
Smartphone: up to 28 times
Laptop: up to 3 times
Tablets: up to 7 times
DSLR Cameras: up to 30 times

Compact Size

Even with its massive capacity, the battery pack is compact enough to be comfortably carried around in a bag pack.

Solar Powered

And yes, the one function that makes it different from all other battery packs! This battery pack comes with solar panels where you can recharge the battery pack completely with Solar power! Now this shall be the one item everyone would be bringing along to a deserted island!


Where to buy?

This amazing battery pack is currently not available for purchase yet, but to get your hands on it, you can choose to back the project via their Indiegogo page
Check out the video below to find out more about the product!

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