How to: Repurpose your Old iPhone

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With the iPhone 7 already hitting stores, you might be thinking of what to do with your existing iPhone after purchasing the new iPhone 7. Chances are if you are holding on to an iPhone 5 and below, you probably won’t get much value by selling it. So instead of doing that, here are some suggestions on how you can repurpose your old iPhone.

Play Pokemon GO exclusively

Ever faced a situation when you were catching an extremely rare Pokemon, and you got interrupted by a call? Now with a spare phone, you can fully focus on playing Pokemon GO without any interruption!
Playing Pokémon GO More Effectively

Use it as a Security Camera or Baby Monitor

Purchasing an additional surveillance camera can easily cost up to a few hundred bucks but now with a spare phone, you can repurpose your old iPhone and turn it into a security camera/baby monitor. To learn more, check out this article by ZDNet

Image source: ZDNet
Image source: ZDNet

Use it as a dedicated media player for casting

Coupled with devices like Apple TV, Chromecast or using your Smart TV’s built-in functions. You old iPhone is now a dedicated and well-supported media player! Use it to cast media onto your TV screen via the host of streaming apps supported by your media streaming device.

Use it as a dedicated music playing device

Similar to the above suggestion, you can also use your spare iPhone as a dedicated music player! Pair it up with a Bluetooth enabled speaker and with apps like Spotify, Deezer or iTunes; you can now stream hours of your favourite music without the fear of being interrupted by incoming calls or messages!

Use it as a spare phone when you are overseas

Instead of incurring expensive roaming charges when you are overseas, a cost effective way would be to purchase a local sim card to use with your spare phone while using your existing phone for important incoming calls.

Got more ideas on what you can do with your old iPhone? Feel free to share with us in the comments!

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