How do you switch over to Viewqwest from your previous ISP?

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Are you facing problems with your current internet service provider (ISP)? There are a variety of such problems which you may face such as a slow internet, intermittent Wi-Fi connections or even service outages. All of these can result in a huge amount of frustration especially if you are in the middle of an important task. At ViewQwest, we strive to transform your home into your perfect hotspot with blazing fast internet and best-in-class WiFi systems. Here are the few simple steps required in order for you to switch over to ViewQwest!

Switching over to ViewQwest from another ISP

Every residential household in Singapore has a Fibre Termination Point (FTP) which is installed by NetLink Trust. It is mandatory for you to have an FTP in your home in order for you to have fibre broadband access. Each FTP has two different ports which enables you to have two different Fibre Broadband connections concurrently at one residence.

Assuming that you have already signed up with one ISP, you would have another FTP port which is not connected. Simply sign up for any of our Fibre Broadband Plans at ViewQwest through our Online Signup Portal or by registering at any of our offices. Upon successful signup, we would then arrange for our Fibre Broadband to be connected to the other port on the FTP. There will be a service activation charge of $56.71 for the activation of your new port.

When this process is completed, you can then proceed to terminate the service of your previous ISP. In this manner, you would not experience any downtime resulting from a lack of internet connection at your residence. Additionally, you would not be able to reuse the routers that were issued by your previous ISP but this will not be a concern as we will be issuing you with new routers.

What are the procedures and costs involved after signing up?

Upon signup, our Customer Service Officers will begin processing your application within a week and conduct a check to ensure that your FTP is available for use. Subsequently, your equipment – both the modem as well as the router will be delivered to your residence within 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, if you prefer, you could arrange to collect the equipment on your own from our office located at Bendemeer. To view the entire list of factors which may affect your sign-up process, you may click on the link here. The typical time for your internet service at home to be activated would be 2-3 weeks.

With Viewqwest, you can be assured that all our fibre broadband plans are priced competitively. For full details on our different plan payment schemes, you may click on the link here.

How do I check the feasibility of my FTP

In order to check the feasibility of your FTP, you can simply visit the NetLink Trust (NLT) website to determine if your residence is connected to the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. Simply key in the details of your residence on the page displayed and you will be able to gather the details required. In the event that your home is not covered by FTP, NLT can provide you with a free “top-up” and enable a connection to the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. This will take somewhere between 3 days to 3 weeks. The choice to wire your house will be left entirely up to you. If you choose to do so, simply hire a third party contractor to install a LAN cable to the necessary areas.

In addition, we offer a complimentary Freedom DNS service for a minimum of 3 months, varying according to the fibre plan which you sign up for. This allows you to access geo-restricted sites and content. We are also one of the few ISPs to use latency based routing, which provides you with faster and uninterrupted access to your favourite website and servers. Each residential plan comes with a Public Static IPv4 Address for your home. This provides you with a wide array of benefits. You can easily connect to your residence’s IP camera or CCTV and even host your own web domain and run large-scale game servers.

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