Take Your Internet Speed to Greater Heights with 802.11 Wave 2 AC

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If you have not already heard, an improved version of our current Wi-Fi standard (802.11 Access Control Wave 1) has been developed recently. And yes, if you are still wondering what this means, this translates to an internet speed which is greatly accelerated as well. The 802.11 Wave 2 Access Point boasts several upgrades from its older counterpart which could potentially revolutionize our online activities both at work and at home.

Improved internet connection speed

One of the salient improvements would be the increase in the maximum theoretical wireless speed from 3.47 Gbps in  the older Wave 1 version to 6.93 Gbps in Wave 2. It also has increased bandwidth capabilities which are at least three times faster than 802.11ac Wave 1. Consequently, you would be able to enjoy better surfing as well as download speeds and gamers can revel in a smoother gaming experience.

Supports more devices at once

This new wireless access point is also compatible with MU-MIMO.  This means that the same network connection can be split more efficiently into individual streams. It can support several devices simultaneously without compromising the internet speed connection of a single device. Compared to Wave 1 which offers 3 spatial streams, this newer version is able to provide an additional spatial stream which allows another device to connect to it. Both businesses and households would benefit greatly from this advancement since it is likely that you would have several smart devices connected to your access point or router at a time. Your internet speed would no longer be affected if there are other devices sharing the same connection.

Allows for greater bandwidth and flexibility of connection with other devices

Another important update which the 802.11 Wave 2 AC is equipped with is its provision of support for additional 5 GHz channels. This increase in the number of channels would translate to a larger bandwidth for the 802.11 Wave 2 AC. Each individual device sharing the same connection would have a larger bandwidth to work with, which equates to faster download and browsing speeds. In addition, if these 5 GHz channels are designated to be used for Wi-Fi purposes, this version would also be able to support more users, devices and applications.

In the near future, more devices such as the Wireless Access Point (WAC505) would also be compatible with the 802.11 Wave 2 AC standard. It is able to handle multiple devices all at once as well as remotely configure and monitor your smart devices with a fully-integrated cloud management application NETGEAR INSIGHT. We would all soon be able to enjoy unprecedented internet connections from our devices without fear of lags or disruptions.

P.S. We will be running a special promotion at the upcoming PC show held at Marina Bay Sands. A NETGEAR Enterprise Grade Insight Managed Smart Cloud WiFi (WAC505) would be given free with every sign up with our 2Gbps Fibre Broadband Bundle plan. The WAC505 also utilises the latest 802.11 Wave 2 AC technology and is compatible with MU-MIMO.

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  1. Clarence Goh

    Is the Wave 2 able to support or compatible to current devices? Where can I get and how much is it?



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  3. ViewQwest Team

    Hey Clarence, it depends on what your current devices are. We are not selling it individually, but we are giving it away free with every signup for our 2Gbps plan during this current promotion.

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