Can Video Games Actually Improve Your Thinking?

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Video gaming has received plenty of backlashes. They are infamous for bringing about problems such as addiction and increased aggression amongst gamers.  However, if you are a parent, you might want to read this before rushing off to any drastic measures. There are actually several benefits which video games have on our brains which you might not know about.

Improves brain capacity


There are several matching memory games which can actually be taxing yet beneficial for your brain. In one such game, you are required to memorise symbols which are on the underside of a set of tiles. With each turn, you are able to flip a pair of tiles and when a pair of identical tiles is flipped, they would disappear from the set. The game ends when the entire set of tiles disappears.  These games are designed to put your memory to the test and can even improve your brain capacity in the long run.

Hones your thinking skills

In strategy-based video games such as Starcraft,you need to be able to react quickly to the advances of your opponents and adapt swiftly to the ever-changing circumstances within the game. This builds up your cognitive flexibility which is also an important component of intelligence. Studies conducted showed that individuals who played such games demonstrated greater speed and flexibility in cognitive flexibility tasks than those who did not. In certain scenarios, you might also have to think out of the box and devise creative strategies in order to gain an edge over your opponents.

Improves your spatial visualization ability


Other types of games such as Tetris have proven to be useful in enhancing our spatial visualization ability.  Being able to effectively rotate and visualise the dropping blocks is crucial in order to progress in the game. This can even be applied in real life situations, helping you to better access your surroundings and visualise diagrams as well as flat lay pictures in 3D.

Enhances your determination

There are plenty of games ranging from educational games to multiplayer games which have varying levels of difficulty. These include complex puzzles, challenging situations or having to face up against highly skilled adversaries. Over time, this strengthens the competitive spirit within you and you learn to be unfazed by such challenges. This constant strive to come out on top in such games eventually hones your determination.


Video games can actually bring about huge educational benefits apart from its entertainment value. With that being said, there should be a limit on the number of hours spent on video games each week as well in order to mitigate the adverse effects which excessive play can have.

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