ViewQwest Introduces 1Gbps Raptor Gamer Bundle

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There has been a constant rise in popularity for games such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (aka PUBG), Overwatch and League of Legends. Regardless of game, it is through practice where pros can pull off the perfect play. For the best winning chances and gaming experience, gamers also need top-of-the-line internet service and, of course, supporting equipment.


What connectivity factors matter to gamers?

To the casual gamers, the one thing worse than losing itself, is losing due to lag. Lag can be caused by poor network stability which can lead to frequent in-game disconnections and high latency. This is especially so for international games such as FIFA16, Final Fantasy XIV, Dota2 and CS. We are often punished by games for disconnecting too frequently, either by being put into low priority queues or temporary account suspensions. For professional gamers who flaunt their gaming prowess on international streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube, it is slow Internet that will be the bane of your career. However, such injustice shall come to an end with better Internet services and equipment.

Imagine this, you are busy prepping and testing out new strategies for an upcoming tournament, but you are already competing for bandwidth at home. It is no doubt that the more devices connected to the same network, the slower the speed available for you.

Like most gaming bundles offered by various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ViewQwest is providing 1Gbps of internet. However, the reason to pick our bundle over other ISPs gaming packages is because of the priority custom routing and the router that comes complimentary with our service.

Here’s what ViewQwest’s new 1Gbps Raptor Gamer Bundle has to offer you.

  • Absolutely no traffic shaping
  • No international bandwidth caps
  • Latency based routing technology
  • Pairing with only the router built for gamers: NETGEAR® Nighthawk® Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router (

How is the 1Gbps Raptor Gamer Bundle Different?

Unlike other ISPs, ViewQwest will not throttle bandwidth during high peak periods. To further bolster internet speeds, we use latency based routing technology which gives you an advantage over your gaming competitors.

Behind every great Reinhardt player, there is always a better Mercy. It is no exception for the bond between lightning speed Internet and a router to manage such power. At ViewQwest, the 1Gbps Gamer Bundle comes with the NETGEAR® Nighthawk® Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router. This powerhouse is made with pro gamers in mind, and recently unveiled at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Sporting the cutting edge Duma OS, the NETGEAR® Nighthawk® Pro Gaming XR500 is equipped with a Geo Filter that helps to eradicate lag by limiting distance to servers or other players, while you monitor real-time bandwidth utilization by device and real-time ping latency on your network. It will transform your gaming experience and give you the power to win. To know more about this beast, click here. With all that the 1Gbps Raptor Gamer Bundle has brought to the table, high ping connection will be history!

Wait no more. Get the buff you need to up your game! Enquire or signup with us during the IT Show happening on March 2018, 15-18 at Suntec Convention Centre, Level 4. Allow us to carry you to victory!



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