Why Does ViewQwest Conduct Scheduled Maintenances?

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Home is where the wifi automatically connects (and also where the heart is). When your Internet Service Provider (ISP) conducts a scheduled maintenance, your connection at home will be affected most of the time. This loss of connection to the internet may bring about frustration in many. Let’s understand why scheduled maintenance is important for both end users like yourself as well as your ISP. Here are a few common questions, answered by our engineers here at ViewQwest.



  1. How often are scheduled maintenances done?

An ISP usually conducts maintenance works once in 3-4 months with the exception of emergencies.


  1. What is the duration of a maintenance?

A typical maintenance can take up to 4 hours.


  1.  When are these maintenances typically conducted?

ISPs would chose maintenance work to be done at lower traffic and usage times. Here at ViewQwest, we usually perform maintenances on Sunday mornings, 3am-5am.


  1. Why is there a need for maintenance?

Maintenance work is crucial for both end users as well as the ISP. During a maintenance, engineers work on maintaining & improving network/systems to cater to growth, uptime and security. Engineers also troubleshoot any issues found to prevent an unexpected outage in the future.


  1. What maintenance work is done during this time?

Implementation of new innovations and systems.Upgrades to capacity, software and hardware are performed. Testing & security enforcement acts are also carried out.


  1.  Is there any specific order maintenance work is conducted in?

Major activities are always conducted first followed by less crucial activities.


  1. Will my connection to the internet be affected during the whole course of maintenance?

It depends on the maintenance activity. Usually, the maintenance period already contains a buffer to cater for unexpected occurrences.


  1. Can my internet connection be affected by someone other than my ISP?

Yes it can. As all ISPs go through NetLinkTrust (NLT), NLT also conducts scheduled maintenances which can affect end users like yourself.


  1. How often will other maintenance work take place?

Typically, NLT performs these maintenances 2-3 times a year. However, if your home is near a new or upcoming MRT station, you may experience more frequent scheduled maintenances. This is because there are a lot of shifts in the ground work thus affecting the fibre cables running underground.


  1. How will I be informed of a ViewQwest’s scheduled maintenance’s details?

ViewQwest will send an email to customers who will be affected by the maintenance. Our social pages – Facebook & Hardwarezone will also be updated.


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