What is: NLT Insufficient Capacity

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Have you experienced an issue known as Insufficient Capacity? This issue can arise when you sign up with a new Internet Service Provider (ISP). Soon after signing up, you are informed by your ISP that your port has Insufficient Capacity and there would be a delay in your service activation. If you are not new to this issue, you would have felt a short-lived excitement when switching ISPs. Worse if you already cancelled your existing subscription as there would not be any internet access in your home or office due to this delay..

Check out our FAQ to find out what Insufficient Capacity is, and how long will this delay typically lasts.

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What is “NetLink Trust (NLT) insufficient capacity” issue?

All Fibre Termination Points (FTPs) come with 2 ports, which would allow for concurrent fibre connections or for the first port to still be live while the second is being activated. Unfortunately, sometimes, there will be insufficient fibre capacity or equipment in the backend infrastructure. In the event that NLT does not have sufficient capacity in their infrastructure, in ISP terms, they will need to install additional infrastructure, which will cause a delay in the service activation date.

How long would this delay be?

Based on our experience, the average time taken to resolve this issue is 1 – 2 months. However, it could take as little as 2 weeks or as long as 4 months or more. Rest assured that we will try our best to ensure the fastest service activation process possible.

What if I can’t survive without Internet at home/office?

Unfortunately, there is no current way for us to guarantee that this issue will not arise. We would strongly suggest that you do not cancel your existing subscription until the new Internet line has been activated.

8 Responses

  1. I do not understand your “insufficient capacity” issue and only after i had signed with your company and booked the date and applied leave for that date,i received your email about “insufficient capacity” up to a period of 4 months without internet when the set up date was supposed to be next week.This has,no doubt,caused me alot of inconvenience and trust issues of promises made before signing with your company. I would like to cancel my application.

  2. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Simon,

    Have checked on your case & the issue has been resolved. Again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you,

  3. So you’re telling me that I may not be able to get internet for 4 months?

    From your front desk staff, to even the service staff who called me on the phone last week to talk about my subscription, I was told that it would be around 2-3 weeks.

    I’d like to cancel my application.

  4. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Carlo. Yes 2-3 weeks would be if there is no backend issue with NLT’s infrastructure. However Insufficient Capacity issue cannot be determined if present till installation. Kindly email cs@viewqwest.com and they will help you out. Thank you.

  5. I’m cancelling my application. MyRepublic can connect me immediately, I can’t wait for months.

  6. ViewQwest Team

    Hi Jojo,

    Sorry to see you go 🙁

    Thank you and we hope to be able to service you in the future!

  7. Maria

    Is there any faster way for your service to be done? How come only your company delay till 4 months? Isn’t that too much time you all took just for the insufficient capacity? How am I going to do when I really needed to use the internet for my job work which I always bring back home?

  8. ViewQwest Team

    Hey Maria, when an Insufficient Capacity issue arises – it is because your port does not have the capacity to support a Fibre network in your home. Netlinktrust will have to physically pull cables to ensure sufficient capacity which is why it can take months.

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